Fight High Taxes & Soaring Cost of Living

High taxes & skyrocketing prices are hurting our families and local businesses. People are watching their savings disappear and are FED UP!   It's time for common sense solutions in Springfield to help, not hurt us.

The incumbent has a decade long record of voting for higher taxes and voted to tax your pensions & retirements* going against her districts wishes**. *Daily Herald 6/17/20 **AP 5/14/14


Hold Criminals accountable

Crime is soaring and people are scared in their own neighborhoods. We want to feel safe in our homes and when we go out in public. When elected to the General Assembly, I will be a voice for our district to hold criminals accountable. 

The incumbent voted for the SAFE-T Act to give criminals get out of jail free cards, decriminalized Fentanyl, empty prisons on January 1, and to  release violent criminals right back into your neighborhood.

She sides with criminals, not victims. 


Empower parents

We all want the best for our kids and their futures. Good schools, good educations and want to have a say in their futures. Our opponent, is chair of the House education committee & sits on the mental health committee.  Are you satisfied? 

As chair of the house education committee, the incumbent forced the radical new sex ed mandates on kids and parents(SB818), banned testing so parents cannot compare schools, and shut down any debate, standing with bureaucrats not parents. 

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